ELITE Universal Group Co. was established in 1986 (with a capital of 2.5 million KD.) As a result of the strategic alliances between Elite Universal Group Co. and companies and individuals of experience in the field of logistics & machineries, and also the raw materials of the infra structure then a number of companies interested in this type of business were established to be a systematic group to have business in the market of the logistics and the infra- structures contracting which has witnessed a large development. These companies are:

  • IDCO Co. Gen. Construction For Building Co. (W.L.L.)
  • Ghazal Group

We are experienced Construction Company as main and subcontractors which gave us comprehensive experience in different fields. We would like to offer you a new and better means of getting your projects. We are certain that we will offer the most complete trade construction, transportation, human resources and maintenance services available anywhere In addition to the management, technical and craft expertise necessary for the successful completion of your projects well as for assistance to the main contractor we also have a large inventory of company owned equipment ready to commit to your project’s success in a program designed for you.

We has a two-part operational structure…

  • One operating department specializes in heavy construction and public works projects.
  • The other operating department specializes in commercial and private construction. Both departments operate under the leadership.

Our Companies utilizes state of the art technology to maximize project management efficiency for every project.

Our Clients