Ghazal was founded in by architects with a passion for design ideas and visualizing in 3d. Our focus has since been high-quality and reliable production of architecture design & 3d animations.

Ghazal is consistently selected by top designers, real-estate developers, and advertising agencies to help make their projects come to life.

Ghazal creative team is deveoted to metting the goals and deadlines of our clients, creating successful projects and establishing long-term client relationships.

Design services

Our strengths in this field are obvious. Today we have design-perfect quality. Superior techniques and awesome ability. Our gallery is vast and doesn’t just

Show the best projects. It shows them All. The quality you see here is the minimum quality you can expect*. You don’t need to look further for the most advanced architectural techniques in the world, and we are always pressing forward with new innovation and levels of creativity.

  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Urban design

Media Production Services

The world of real estate project marketing has changed significantly over the last decade, and combining this with the advances in 3d virtual reality, The internet and modern video production you have a complete shift in stratesies.

Ghazal was born from these changes. The architectural, property development and real estate marketplaces are now more adaptable, flexible and responsive with our complete range of digital visualization services that can be rushed to the market or carefully utilised through design.

  • Arch. 3d walthrough animation
  • Arch. 3d flythrough animation
  • Arch. 3d rendering
  • Arch. 3d modeling
  • Arch. 3d stereoscopic tm animation

Our Clients